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How To Turn A Prime Rib Into Ribeye Steaks


Does the occasion call for steaks instead of a roast? No worries. With a sharp knife and a ruler, you can have steaks cooking on your grill in just a few minutes.


I keep a lot of beef on hand at my house since I work for Snake River Farms. It’s impossible to have the perfect cut for every occasion on hand, but I have learned how to improvise. For example, the prime rib I purchased for Christmas was shelved when alternate plans came up. While I could keep that prime rib in the freezer, I’d rather enjoy it now.


A Snake River Farms or Double R Ranch boneless prime rib can be quickly turned into a pile of spectacular ribeye steaks with just a few strokes of a knife.

I started with a completely thawed Snake River Farms American Kobe Prime Rib. This was our large size roast and its actual weight was 7.44 lbs. Pro tip: Place a towel under your cutting board to keep things from moving around.


All our prime ribs are trimmed and “steak-ready” so you can just dive right in and start cutting, however, I chose to trim off a bit of excess fat.


You can eyeball the roast and start cutting, but I like to use a ruler for nice uniform steaks. The width of your steak is completely up to you. Personally, I love a thick steak so I measured off 2” increments.


Using my trusty knife, I started cutting. Position your knife and cut each steak with a smooth single stroke.


Voila! A 7-pound prime rib is now 5 spectacular ribeye steaks.



The only thing more appetizing than these ribeye steaks on the cutting board is the way they looked on coming out of the oven. I used the Steakhouse Method to prepare these and the results were pretty fantastic.

So the next time you have a spare prime rib in the house or the opportunity to buy a roast at an off-season sale, remember you have the option to cut your own amazing ribeye steaks.