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Reverse Seared Whole Strip Loin

  • 6 hours
  • 20 Servings
  • smoker
  • moderate

The American Wagyu Strip Loin from my friends at Snake River Farms is the state of the art strip loin in my professional opinion. The low and slow method is not always considered with this cut, but when executed properly, you will have the most tender and buttery loin of your life.


  • American Wagyu Whole Strip Loin

    • 1 Whole Snake River Farms Strip Loin Buy Now +
    • 1/2 cup kosher salt
    • 1/2 cup pepper
    • Freshly chopped Rosemary (optional)


American Wagyu Whole Strip Loin

  • We begin by removing from the plastic and letting rest for an hour.  Trimming of this cut is completely optional.  I literally trimmed the outside ½ inch off of each side and that’s it.  But make sure to trim while the meat is still cold as it is easier than when it has reached room temp.

    1 hour
  • Prep your smoker for 235-240 degrees as this temperature will not cook out all of the collagen from the meat, but rather turn it into a melted wagyu butter while smoking.  I use nothing but oak in the true Texas fashion when it comes to smoking beef.

    20 minutes
  • Season the roast. Black pepper of any form, cracked or ground can be used for this, but having a high quality salt is absolutely necessary in order to match the quality of the meat you are cooking.  For this recipe, I used Kosher Salt from our friends at Jacobsen Salt Co. in Oregon. And due to being a simple man and really appreciating the quality of this cut, I only seasoned the side of the beef with the fat cap, not the bottom side.

    2 minutes
  • Place in smoker until the internal temperature has reached 125 degrees. This took me around 3 hours and 15 minutes to smoke but the time will vary depending on the weight of the cut and your style of smoker.  I did not open the smoker even once until 2 hours in, and then just to get a quick reading.

    3 hours 15 minutes
  • Once the desired internal temperature is reached, pull from smoker and place on board.

    1 minute
  • Your grill now needs to be turned up to high heat, we are now going to sear the outside of the loin which will seal in the natural juices that we have worked so hard to acquire.  But the key on this step is to have open flame, as we do not want to cook the meat anymore, we are just crusting it.  I gave this one five minutes on each side over a blazing hot fire.

    10 minutes
  • Use fire proof gloves to pull from the fire and rest on cutting board for a minimum of 30 minutes but an hour is more preferable to allow meat to relax and reabsorb

    1 hour
  • Finely chop a half handful of rosemary to sprinkle on top of the loin for zest, but again I did not add any spices as I very much wanted the natural flavor of the meat to come through more than anything.

    1 minute
  • Slice into 1-inch thick strips all the way across the loin and serve on a plate with Hasselback cut Yukon Gold potatoes and grilled asparagus.  Sprinkle Jacobsen’s White Truffle Infused salt lightly over the asparagus and sliced meat before serving, I prefer this over a sauce as the meat is already extremely  flavorful.

    5 minutes