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How to Cut a Strip Loin in Your Very Own Kitchen


One of the truly unique products we sell is the Snake River Farms American Kobe Strip Loin. The Strip Loin is the subprimal beef cut that is used for New York strip steaks. The New York strip is a customer favorite and one of the annual top selling items in steak houses across the U.S.

By purchasing an entire Strip Loin, it’s possible to custom cut New York strips at home to the specifications that will please your palate. For example, around here we love New York strips that are at least 2” thick. These aren’t stock items even at a company that sells American Kobe beef, so purchasing and cutting your own Strip Loin is the best way to get really thick cut steaks. Cutting your own Strip Loin also allows to make small and perfectly portioned Manhattan steaks, which are a NY strip steak cut in half.


Sound like something you’d like to try? We just shot a helpful video that shows you how easy it is to cut one of our beautiful, 14 pound American Kobe Strip Loins into perfect steaks and roasts.

Watch the video to learn some quick but effective ways to get the best results from a Snake River Strip Loin. Cutting steaks and roasts in your own kitchen is wildly satisfying and a lot of fun. We hope you give it a try!