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The Case for Thanksgiving Ham
Everyone knows the holidays are for family time and traditions. Having an oven baked, or a fried turkey in the south, is very commonplace. That is, except at the Gourmet Gents’ houses. Why is that? It’s simple, really: In 2015, we bought a Snake River Farms Kurobuta ham for one of our tailgates. It was […]
Embracing a Thanksgiving Ham
One man lamented that “turkey has been done. To death.” Another woman warned of a mediocre meal with what her family thinks of as “the dreaded bird.”  Others sing the praises of variety over “ho-hum” custom. No matter the reason, an outpouring of friends and customers were eager to share how thankful they were for […]
Which Ham Should I Buy?
    A glance at the calendar shows we’re well into the month November. Now is the time to order a Snake River Farms Kurobuta ham for your holiday dinner!  We offer our hams as both bone-in and boneless varieties and in multiple sizes. One of the most frequent questions we receive is “which ham […]
How to Prepare and Carve Your Easter Ham
Easter is this Sunday! In case you need a refresher course in preparing and carving your Snake River Farms Kurobuta ham, we’ve put together all the information you need in one convenient location. Here are the key steps to prepare a perfect ham for Easter Sunday: Thaw Your Ham- If your ham is frozen, put it […]