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Embracing a Thanksgiving Ham

smoked ham slice

One man lamented that “turkey has been done. To death.” Another woman warned of a mediocre meal with what her family thinks of as “the dreaded bird.”  Others sing the praises of variety over “ho-hum” custom.

No matter the reason, an outpouring of friends and customers were eager to share how thankful they were for changes to the same old turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. Their rebellion against years of tradition was mostly boiled down to one thing: they wanted an upgrade.

“The best reason for not serving turkey is that every time I cook one is a new disaster. Under done in the middle and burnt skin, or vice versa,” said Russell in a Facebook post. “On the other hand, when I cook a ham or rib roast, everyone lines up and then comes back for more.”

Year after year, we see a huge increase in the demand for hams just before the holiday. So we were curious just who these folks were and why they decided to ditch the turkey in favor of ham – or some other Holiday feast. We offered a free Thanksgiving ham for one lucky participant.

Even so, there were folks who preferred to stick to their family rituals.

“Nope, can’t do it!” Janet said in a post. “Ham is for Christmas, Turkey is a must for thanksgiving.”

Katie added in her own post that “turkey is a traditional and symbolic meat at the feast of giving and sharing the bounty and being thankful to be alive!”

The more adventurous have said they never regretted trying something new, however.

“Turkey may be traditional, but ham is where the fun is at,” Shelton said in a post.

Other posters have noted that ham, in particular, turns out juicier, means better leftovers and happier guests – or at least they better be, according to a post from Jared, who plans to double smoke a ham for his meal.

“If they want turkey they can hit up the Golden Corral on the way home,” he said.

The very posts themselves had some people feeling empowered. Robin said she was encouraged by all the people who had moved on from turkey. It inspired her to do the same.

“I’ve served a turkey at every Thanksgiving meal because everyone expects it and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, but it’s time to say NO TO TURKEY this year, let them eat HAM I say!” she wrote.

It’s a much more simple proposition for people like Sammy, who wondered what all the fuss was about.

“All this logic; ham is just plain BETTER!” he said.

Some of our favorites, however, were the people who were looking to create an emotional connection with the holiday – and were willing to make some changes to see that happen.

Noah, who ended up with our ham for Thanksgiving, said in his post that there was a lot new about their Thanksgiving.

“Well, my wife and I just started a blended family together. We each have 2 boys. We’ve decided to start traditions with our own, new, little family,” he said.

We know that turkey on Thanksgiving is just too sacred for many to ever consider making a switch. But we’ll keep on selling hams and roasts just in case we can add a few more smiles early in the Holiday season for a family or two who want to pioneer a new way to celebrate.

Happy Thanksgiving!