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St. Patricks Day? Corned Beef Please!
Serving corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day is such a strong tradition it should be etched in stone as culinary law. If you’re serving corned beef, then please choose Snake River Farms or Double R Ranch for the best quality and flavor. This week you can enjoy $10 off any of our corned beef. Corned […]
Build a Better Burger: Tips from a World Burger Champion
We talked to 2012 World Burger Champion Jason Stucki to learn a few of his secrets. If you want to up your burger game, take a look at these pro tips. How to Build a Better Burger By Jason Stucki Source the Best Ingredients Beef The breed as well as the cuts used to make […]
The Best Way To Cook A Hot Dog
There are many ways to prepare a hot dog, but which way is best? Of all the delicious products we sell at Snake River Farms, you could argue our hot dogs are the easiest to cook. Just throw them on the grill or broil them in the oven and off you go. In honor of […]