Lunch & Learn - Cooking Prime Rib


Dave Drops Some Prime Rib Knowledge

Lunch and Learn always makes for a tough day at the office. Dave, one of our resident experts on all things delicious, handled the “learning” part of the day. He gave us some tips on how to prepare prime rib. What followed was the really important part, the “lunch” and we got to eat two different prime rib roasts!


We sat salivating while Dave prepared two bone-in prime ribs. The Double R Ranch Standing Rib Roast is a USDA Choice prime rib that is wet-aged 28 days. Our butchers cut the bones from the roast and tie the rack in place with twine. We also got to try our new American Wagyu Gold Grade Bone-In Rib Roast. (Note: this item is so new, it’s not on our website yet. Coming soon!) This is the first Snake River Farms prime rib we’ve offered with the bones left in place. We’ve had a constant string of requests for this over the years and we’re excited to add it to our line-up. Dave used several different rubs we’re testing and laid down some best practices – thawing, preparing, cooking and cutting. These things create a magnificent centerpiece for any meal and I can’t wait to try all of this at home.

Your mouth is already watering, right? Here’s how to make a prime rib all on your own.

Step 1: First things first. Visit and select a delicious roasts to be delivered directly to your doorstep.  My personal favorite is the American Gold Grade Prime Rib but the Double R Ranch Standing Rib Roast has amazing flavor as well. It’s not quite as rich as the Gold Grade, but still very delicious.

Step 2: Your roast will be delivered directly to your doorstep in our eco-friendly cooler packed with plenty of dry ice. (Pro Tip: keep in mind you’ll need two to three days to properly thaw your roast- small roast -2 days, large roast -3 days) To thaw your roast, place it on a large plate or tray in your refrigerator for three days.

Step 3: Once thawed, thoroughly salt your roast with your favorite salt and let it sit refrigerated overnight. My favorite salt to use is the Jacobsen Black Pepper Sea Salt.

Step 4: Pull the roast out of the fridge.  If you have time to let it sit to come to room temperature – great (there are varying opinions on if this is an old wives tale, so feel free to skip it if time is a factor).  Proceed to massage your favorite rub mixture all over the roast. Transfer into an oiled rimmed baking sheet and place fat side up.

Step 5: Pre-heat oven to 250°. Cook the roast for about 15 minutes per pound of prime rib- this a general rule of thumb but around here we prefer to rely on internal temperature. Using the Thermapen MK4, pull the roast at 120° for medium-rare or 135° for medium.

Step 6: Remove from oven and tent with aluminum foil; let rest for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 7: Pre-heat oven to 500°. Remove aluminum foil and return roast for a couple of minutes for a nice brown crisp to the outside.

Step 8: Cut along the bone of the roast then into 1-inch pieces. We are big fans of using Shun Knives around the office and at our homes to carve with ease and precision.

Step 9: Serve and Enjoy!

Pro Tips

If you buy a bone-in prime rib that has the bones intact, separate the bones from the meat before you cook it. This is easy to do with a sharp, thin knife. Tie the bones and roast together then cook as usual. This will make carving a lot easier and still give you a stunning presentation.

Buy a rub or make your own. Kosher salt, garlic and rosemary are three great ingredients to get you started. Add other herbs and spices to create your own signature blend.

Check out our Snake River Farms – Shun 24K Gold Package – it has everything you need to make a perfect prime rib, including an awesome Shun carving knife!