5 Secrets of a Snake River Farms Customer Care Rep


When was the last time you experienced truly great customer service? It seems like a dying art: Doesn’t everyone have a story about less-than-perfect customer care?

When you call Snake River Farms, there is always a real, knowledgeable person on the other end of the line. I started working in customer care before the holiday crush a year ago and quickly learned this job is much more than answering the phone. It’s about really listening, understanding, and creating the best experience possible for our customers.

Here’s how we provide unbeatable service, every single day.

We train. And cook. And eat.
During my first two months on the job, I studied volumes of information about our brands and specific cuts — and it was time well spent.

But I had to experience the products myself to really understand them. I could read all day long about the wonderful flavor of American Wagyu beef, but I didn’t really get how delicious it was until I ate it!

We have a full food service kitchen in our office where we work with — and taste — our products. As employees, we’re encouraged to take samples home to cook for ourselves and explore our creativity. So when you call, chat, or email me or one of my fellow customer service reps, you get the benefit of our real-world, hands-on experience.

We’re true problem solvers.
The great thing about Snake River Farms is that customers choose our products when they want to make memories with the people who matter most to them. We know your celebrations are important, so we’ll do just about anything to get you what you need, when you need it.

Once, a customer was experiencing issues with shipping and their order was hung up at a delivery station a few hours away. The customer was leaving town and needed to take the product with him for a special event, and the timing just wasn’t working out — so we called an Uber. The Uber driver picked up the box of Snake River Farms products at the delivery station and drove it to the customer’s home a few hours away. The customer received his special delivery in time, and we were thrilled we could help him create a new memory.

We go straight to the experts.
Of course, there are still very specific or unusual questions that come up from time to time — that’s what makes the job really fun! Fortunately, there are an amazing number of resources sitting right around my desk. We have an open office, so I can talk directly to product, logistics, and preparation experts to quickly find the correct answer to any question a customer might have. We never make customers jump through hoops or cycle through representatives to get a response.



We understand the process from start to finish.
Our customer service representatives visit the Double R Ranch, our feed yards, and our processing plant to witness what it takes to create a truly great cut of beef or pork. Seeing the work of our ranchers and processors first hand helps me and my co-workers understand what makes Snake River Farms so unique. It’s a little bit nerve wracking to be away from our phones and computers, but it’s worth the effort to answer our customers’ questions confidently.

We listen to your feedback.
We talk with customers every day, so we’re often the first to hear product requests and suggestions about how we can further improve our service. We pass that feedback on to our marketing department, which handles promotions, and to our e-commerce team, which handles the website. We also use customer insights to help develop environmentally friendly packaging. It feels good to reassure our customers that we’re working toward goals that are important to them.

There’s always more to learn about American Wagyu, Northwest beef, and Kurobuta pork. We still have many meals to cook in the test kitchen and many more calls to answer. But at Snake River Farms, we’re always working to create an exceptional experience that starts the moment you order and ends with new memories.